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Video Segments

Discovery Made by CiS Students

Ottawa school students make groundbreaking discovery: EpiPens don't work in space

Cotopaxi Conversations # 5

Interview with Margot Solberg - Education Consultant for the Ecuadorian Civilian Space Agency (EXA)

Protecting Teeth in Space

CiS experiment from Ottawa testing the condition of teeth when exposed to radiation in space.

Iz BiH pravo u svemir (Bosnian Video)

Interview with a group of Bosnian high school students and their physics professor Amna Dervišagic.

CTV Interviews CiS Students & Teachers

Interviews with Canadian students and teachers both in Ottawa and those who were at the launch.


Radio Segments

CBC Radio Talks Cubes in Space

St Brother Andre School - Ottawa

W310 and Cubes in Space

Students Experiments in Space

BBC and Cubes in Space

BBC interview with Amber Agee-DeHart