How the Program Works

Program Goals:

  • INSPIRE students to be inquisitive and seek out knowledge
  • DEMONSTRATE to students relevant interconnections between STEAM concepts
  • PROVIDE real-world experiences in which students apply their knowledge and skills
  • BUILD students' confidence in their own intelligence and problem-solving abilities

What Needs to be Done

1. Register

2. Log In

3. Get Started

4. Facilitate

5. Apply for Flight

6. Application Review

7. Notification

8. Cubes Shipped

9. Build Experiment

10. Launch!

11. Cubes Returned

12. Analysis/Report

Important Points to Remember

Keeping the description short and simple, this is what the students will be doing to reach the end goal of sending an experiment into space:

  • Learn about what is required for the experiment design
  • Learn how to organize thoughts, questions, ideas and data
  • Develop and use a scientific notebook to keep all data and information related to their experiment in one place
  • Understand the nature of the environmental and flight conditions associated with the sounding rocket and high-altitude, long-duration flight research balloon
  • Conduct research
  • Design an experiment
  • Submit a proposal as part of the Application for Spaceflight
  • Await the decision and response from the Preliminary Design Review panel
  • Answer questions the Preliminary Design Review panel may have regarding a proposal
  • If proposal accepted, build and integrate the experiment into the provided plastic cube