WebGiv-ing to CiS

Cubes in Space has joined the WebGiv Network, and each time you shop online through our app you will see the Cubes in Space logo beside your search results. That logo indicates that by purchasing from one of our 25,000 online retail partners a portion of your purchase will be donated to Cubes in Space on your behalf (at no additional cost to you).

chrome extension

Once you install the Chrome extension, in three easy clicks, look for the CiS icon next to your search results and shop away!

A portion of your purchase will be donated to Cubes in Space. And the wonderful thing is that is will not cost you a single penny extra!

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Search Engine & Collections

No installation required! Just use our anonymous, ad free, ethical search engine and enjoy that same benefits as the extension.

You will be raising money for Cubes in Space and never have to view another advert in your search results!

More than just search, introducing Collections. What are collections?

They are a place for you to store, share and discover the most interesting and relevant content online. Be inspired and share your passions with the world.

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Mobile App

Mobile is the future, but ‘user privacy’ and ‘mobile’ are not two words that go hand in hand. It’s for that reason that WebGiv built some of the best layers of encryption and privacy into our very own WebGiv app.

Download the WebGiv Android App from the Google Play store and select Cubes in Space, by using the charity code CIS.

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